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ARTPr/rO   is an advisory services provided by ART to assist in broad aspects of portfolio and trade structuring with a view to do portfolio risk/return optimisation.  The service comprises of direct assistance and support from our team of extremely experienced trades, structurers, and risk managers plus ART's extremely sophisticated software Pr/rO .   

Their are two "grades" of this advisory service.  

The Classic advisory includes any and all forms of assistance that do not involve market forecasts or market risk, and of course the immensely powerful Pr/rO software application.  

The Ultra advisory includes, in addition to the Classic service, broad and specific market directional and arbitrage methodologies and forecasts (and so may involve market risk), and is administered by  ArbMan to Registered Investor only, as well as a specially extended version of Pr/rO software application.

Please the ArbMan section for more information regarding P&L performance.

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