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The ARTSchool Developer's Kit

The ARTSchool Developer's Kit is intended for medium and large investment banks and fund management operations, this comprehensive suite of presentation and seminar resources permits you to quickly and easily develop your own products with great ease, just few examples are::  

sales presentations to clients, 

presentations to investors, share holders, regulators

seminars for new staff (comprehensive coverage at basic,  intermediate and advanced level of market workings, instruments, methods, risk .... ).  

seminars for experienced staff requiring additional information on advanced topics (term structure methods, portfolio optimisation, etc.)

  ... or any other presentation in the natural course of business 

 Create  "automated and self-administered" presentations/seminars to provide an "on-line" reference resources.

 The materials were produced and edited by former heads of trading, quant groups, and risk management, and have a long and distinguished track record with very favourable feed-back from market professionals.

Coverage is over a very wide range of topics in securities and derivatives trading and risk management (enquiry form). The "kit" may include any or all of: 

Nearly 5,000 professionally produced PowerPoint slides of proven quality from ARTSchool's library of presentation and seminar slides see .... list ... see samples

Efficient organization of presentation materials using the power of Accent Graphics Presentation Librarian software! Fast graphical viewing, powerful  search and retrieval and easy point and click selection of single, multiple, or entire chapters that have already been organized for you, and providing individual, on-the-road mobility, and web based enterprise facilities.

Pre-set syllabi for a very wide range of topics, alleviating the considerable time required to produce cohesive and pedagogically sensible presentations 

 A large number of calculators, spreadsheets, and library of functions for worked examples that are amenable to customisation. The freely downloadable calculators in the ARTicles section provide examples of the simpler calculators  see .... list of resources

Service support from ARTSchool's staff for specialized projects, or simply to reduce your workload. 

.... and more ... 


just go to the Info Request Form for detailed information request


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