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ARTSchool Developer's Kit Organisation & Layout

ADKLayout.jpg (282344 bytes)This section illustrate the organisation, layout, and database advantages.   Click on the image to the right to see a layout of a sample library, which has chapters on market basics, options valuation, options trading, and risk management.


The ADK is available in three "formats":

1) The Group Pack (only available under special circumstances) is intended for those who have 20 or more users and will have the kit installed locally on their machines.  The Group Pack can be increased by 5 users at a time.  It may be the most cost effective approach for geographically centralised user base.

2) The Global Pack is an enterprise wide web based version of the ADK.  It provides access to the ADK by as many users as required.  Presentation can be created by simply access the internet.  This also makes it convenient for staff who are on the road - just plug your laptop into the "net" and "bingo" you have new presentation created on the road.

3) The ADK On-Line package has all of the benefits of the Global Pack, but the entire process is hosted and administered by ART.  This means you need not install any software, employ any extra IT staff etc, simply obtain a user account, access the internet, and "presto" immediate presentations, training, references all "on the fly".

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Database Features - 3 easy steps

Efficient organization of presentation materials using the power of Accent Graphics Presentation Librarian software! Fast graphical viewing, powerful search and retrieval and easy point and click selection of single, multiple, or entire chapters that have already been organized for you, and providing individual, on-the-road mobility,  and enterprise facilities.

ADKMainOnLine.jpg (52999 bytes)Step 1: As an illustration consider the ADK On-Line Sample set (accessible via the web): The image on the right (click to enlarge) shows a sample presentation library of slides.  From here you can choose one or more "Chapters" (or indeed one or more "Books", or your own contributions) to select the slide required for a custom presentation or seminar.                   Click to enlarge

ADKOptsOnLine.jpg (165529 bytes)Step 2: Suppose we need a presentation that has a few slides on vanilla options, barrier options, and also some risk management considerations, so first select the basic options chapter, and from there "click" the check box beside each slide of interest (in this case have chosen two slides on basic options valuation).  

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ADKRiskOnLine.jpg (151235 bytes)In  addition, there will be some slides from Risk Management as well, so open the section on Risk Management and select the slides required.  

Continue this process until all slides of interest from all chapters/books are selected.

Click to enlarge

ADKCreatePresOnLine.jpg (104314 bytes)Step 3: Once all slides of interest have been "checked" from all sources, then all we need to do is click the "Create Presentation" Button along the top, which then process the selected slides and offers to email the results to you.


... and presto, that is all there is to.  Once "Create Presentation" is pressed, the new presentation will be saved to your hard disk, or emailed to you if using any of the Enterprise based ADK products (especially handy if your are travelling to visit clients or regulators) .


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**Please note that "virtual" (i.e. already prepared slide selections, and "personal" presentations can also stored and accessed in a similar way so that you may have access to previously created or packaged presentations, seminar, or pretty much anything.

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