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Please select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you.  Some of these seminars will be on the current "public schedule", but all seminars are always available on an in-house basis.

The TG2 Books Series closely parallels the standard ARTSchool Seminar titles, and copies of TG2 Books are included with the seminars as appropriate,  or they may purchased separately (see the ARTShop, or contact TG2Books@arbitrage-trading.com).

ARTSchool Seminars:

Our presenters are "heads of trading" and the like.

Typically include 1,100 pages of notes.

Real world worked examples.

Include relevant TGe-Books.

Include much software.

     .... and of course real world P&L focus to make/save money.


     If you don't see it, ask for it  HERE

I would like Information about:



QUICKIES (in-house only)

TG2 Trade Idea Generation Treasury IR Risk Management 1D Swaps
TG2 Financial Engineering Markets and Their Workings 1D Bonds
TG2 Structured Finance (Cases) The Risk of Derivative Products 1D Options
TG2 IR Markets Risk and Risk Control 1D Commodities
TG2 Financial Markets Quantitative Methods for RM 1D Financial Markets
Methods and Analyses A Risk Managerís Guide to VAR 1D Risk Management
  TG2 Monte Carlo Methods Comprehensive  RM 1D Regulatory Issues
TG2 Quantitative Methods (Donít Panic) 1D Stats and Maths
TG2 Term Structure Methods
TG2 PDE Methods
Products and Instruments
TG2 Exotic Options
TG2 Convertible Bonds (sales 2-D)
TG2 Convertible Bonds (trading 3-D)
TG2 Equity Derivatives
TG2 IR Derivatives
TG2 Credit Derivatives
TG2 Derivative Products
TG2 Commodity Derivatives
TG2 Options Trading
TG2 Portfolio risk/return Optimisation
TG2 How to Trade (really)
TG2 Trading/Strategy P&L Simulation
TG2 Arbitrage
Funds Management
FMG2 Investing and Trading

 If you don't see it, ask for it  HERE 

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