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ARTSchool Public Seminar Sign-up

Use this page for a two step sign-up for currently scheduled public seminars, or:

Get information on ALL seminars here,

Enquire about the benefits and savings with fully tailored in-house seminars

Check for special pricing/packages here.

Invitation for additional topics/venues here.

Testimonials here.

.... want to avoid travel time/expense, or loose time away off your desk ... save time & money with e-Study or In-house format seminars, contact ARTSchool@arbitrage-trading.com for additional details.


ARTSchool Seminars:

Our presenters are "heads of trading" and the like.

Typically include 1,100 pages of notes.

Real world worked examples.

Include relevant TG2e-Books.

Include much software.

     .... and of course real world P&L focus to make/save money.

ARTSchool Seminars are closely paralleled by the TG2 Books Series.  Copies of TG2 Books are included with the seminars as appropriate,  or they may be purchased separately (see the ARTShop, or contact ARTSchool@arbitrage-trading.com).

Step 1: Select from current Public Seminars - Spring/Summer 2020 Schedule (All Standard Titles HERE)  - scheduling postponed until safer conditions exist.

Place Date   Days Title Price   (USD Ex Tax)  
- - Wed 3 TG2 Trading/Strategy P&L Simulation $4,725**
- - Wed 3 TG2 Arbitrage $4,725**
- - Wed 3 TG2 Convertible Bonds (Trading 3-D) $4,725**
- - Wed 3 TG2 Exotic Options $4,725**
- - Wed 3 TG2 Quantitative Methods (Donít Panic) $4,725**
- - Wed 3 TG2 Monte Carlo Methods $4,725**
- - Wed 3 TG2 Options Trading $4,725**
- - Wed 3 TG2 IR Derivatives $4,725**
- - Wed 3 The Risk of Derivative Products $4,725**
- - Tues/Wed 3+1* TG2 Portfolio Risk/Return Optimisation $4,725+**

** These prices are the 10% "early bird" discounted prices, normal rates are $5,250.  See here for standard discounts, or contact ARTSchool@arbitrage-trading.com for details.

* The first day is optional and is intended for those who also require a review of contracts/instruments and valuation and risk.  The remainder of the seminar assumes that the delegates are very comfortable with most securities and derivatives (swaps, options, exotics, etc).  The fee for the 4-day version (including the optional first day) is USD 6,300/7,000 and starts Tuesday 21-Apr-2020, while the fee for the 3-day version is $4,725/5,250 and starts on Wednesday 22-Apr-2020. 

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Get more information on all seminars here

or visit the  TG2 Books Series 



Step 2: Register for Seminar

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Credit Card Payments 

E-commerce & credit card booking is available at the ARTShop.

You may also phone//email/fax ARTSchool for CC booking

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Get more information on all seminars here

or visit the  TG2 Books Series 




After submitting your order, please be so kind as to complete the Delegate Profile Form


** ARTSchool Terms&Conditions

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