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ARTSchool e-Seminars

ARTSchool Seminars have two electronic formats that provide the most cost effective approach to the best the real world P&L oriented seminars and materials:

e-Seminar: Fully interactive-live video seminars (also called "webinars")

e-Study: Electronic self-study packaged version of ARTSchool Seminars

ARTSchool e-Seminars

e-Seminars are available for in-house seminars for any of the standard ARTSchool titles (see list here), or for any custom seminars.  These e-Seminars are packaged exactly as our successful "ValuePack" and "Comprehensive" seminars, but delivered via fully interactive (2-way) video/audio technology. 

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These include all of the usual ARTSchool benefits such as

the typical 1,100 page handout notes,

the relevant TG2Books,

software, sample calculations, case studies

... and of course presented by "head of trading" level market professional

... all geared to real world P&L ... all of which can be customised to your trading, risk, and client needs.

Importantly, the presentations are by senior market professionals usually with at least 15-years "in the trenches" experience as of head of trading, head of quant groups, head of risk, and similar.

The e-Seminar technology may include several different sub-technologies that best suit your needs, ranging from fully interactive video-conferencing, to sophisticated formats that permit real time sharing/usage of presentation files/programmes (e.g. MS PowerPoint, etc).

e-Seminars provide a virtual live seminar without the cost/time lost in travel.

Please write to ARTSchool@Arbitrage-Trading.com for additional information.


ARTSchool e-Study

All ARTSchool Seminars (see list here), as well as custom seminars are available for self-study and "one-to-one" basis.  These packages include a customisable combination of:

typically 1,100 page handout notes

the relevant TG2Books

software, sample calculations, case studies

"one-to-one" direct support from our market professional presenters.  In some cases this may be as simple as, say, a half-day for follow-up question, or it may range to longer and more involved support/assistance, as your needs require.

A basic package with the seminar notes, books, software, and a half-man day of direct one-to-one video/telcon support could save as much as 50% over attending an ARTSchool Seminar.

Please feel free to enquire at ARTSchool@arbitrage-trading.com


The TG2 Books Series closely parallels the standard ARTSchool Seminar titles, and copies of TG2 Books are included with the seminars as appropriate,  or they may purchased separately (see the ARTShop, or contact ARTSchool@arbitrage-trading.com).

Available at the ARTShop

(in colour & includes software)


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Are you a training officer for your firm, or an instructor at an educational institution?  Then you may also wish to consider the ARTSchool Developer's Kit: it comes with thousands of PowerPoint (r) slides in an easy to use searchable database format.  The slides are closely tide to the TG2 Books, and the package will permit presenters to prepare lectures with minimal time and cost.



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