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ARTShop Delivery Policy

  • For any specific requirements pertaining to an ARTShop purchase, order tracking, and related matters, please contact:

ARTShop Delivery

Arbitrage Research and Trading Ltd.


Toll Free US/CAD: 1-877-213-2107




Tel:  1-647-478-5507


Delivery Policy Statement - ARTBooks

  • Deliveries are made by courier.

  • Delivery charges are posted on the order form and relate to destination, handling, and weight.

  • Deliveries should take no more than 6 weeks, regardless of delivery method, unless overridden by additional explicit contractual provision such as for bespoke products/services.  Urgent deliveries must be arranged separately.

  • Automatic delivery may not be listed for every country due to a variety of logistic/shipping reasons.  If you wish to have delivery to a country not listed on the default destinations, then contact the ARTShop to see if it is possible to make other arrangements.

  • Shipping & Handling Costs: Please note that some items are expensive to delivery simply due to their size and weight.  Moreover, these figures must account for handling and related costs as well.  For example, the TG2 Read Me First PI&PII book is packaged as 800 pages, 34x29x6cm, weighs 2.5kg (... its big & heavy).  Typical UPS delivery quotes are provided in the images below for London, Tokyo and Johannesburg S.A. The fee we charge is typically 10% less.  You may price this yourself at the UPS site (please be sure to make appropriate allowances for the currency conversion).

Tokyo UPS 2a.jpg (94743 bytes)     Johannesburg UPS 2a.jpg (83388 bytes)   

Tokyo Sample       Johannesburg Sample     London Sample

Refund Policy Statement - ARTWare

  • These will be published soon, when the ARTWare products are made available

This month's specials:

Derivatives for Dummies (Oh, and Journalists), 3rd Ed v3B released May 2018.

This is free for ART clients and owners of previous Editions.

Go to D4D DownLoad to obtain a copy if you have already or paid here for a license.

A Trader's Guide to Options - Volume 1: Products, Pricing, Structuring.

... possibly the best options book ... ever!

ARTWare: ARTLib XL® - Core Lite

Version 1.1 pre-release available now reduced to USD 599, which includes CalcPak Lite and CurveMan Lite (worth USD 199).  Now has OIS functions and "turn-key" curve generators, plus extended PosAna®  derivatives position keeping and hedge/rebalance analytics, and more.

 ARTWare suite of professional P&L-friendly software modules for directional, market-making, arbitrage, and portfolio management operations (see feature comparison)

The "TG2" Series

The "Trader's Guide to (TG2) ... Series " is the definitive reference set of books for securities and derivatives trading and risk management "for market professionals by market professionals".

Premium Support

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