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ART Special Packages

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ART offers several "standard packages" that provide "volume discount" pricing (special volume discounting is available on a case-by-case basis, enquire here Corporate@arbitrage-trading.com ). 

ART Corporate "VolumePack"

At any one time, ART may establish a small number of discount packages with corporate or larger clients requiring on-going products and services.  This requires a client commitment of at least USD 100k, expected to be consumed within 1 year, and which is guaranteed to receive at least a 30% discount.  For example, USD 100k commitment receives USD 130k minimum "line of credit" on direct ART products and services (some restrictions apply, see details HERE).

Larger commitments receive larger discounts.

Typically, it is only possible to have 3 or 4 such packages at any one time to ensure quality control and scheduling.  Enquire here for current availability Corporate@arbitrage-trading.com .


ARTSchool Public Seminar "Specials"

Several bundling options are available for delegates interested in attending public scheduled ARTSchool Seminars as described HERE.  Contact ARTSchool@arbitrage-trading.com for additional information or for special packaging of in-house seminars.

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