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ARTWare: SmARTWare - Feature Comparison

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We are preparing for commercial release of some of our SmART apps/SmARTWare Android based products that permit valuation and risk management on smart phones and tablets.  Although the products should run on any Android 3.3 or later platform, the current target platform is tablets, and particularly larger tablets, such as the Samsung 10.1.

The nature and schedule of these release will depend on client feedback, especially in terms of desired functionality and device preference.  Please be sure to write to ARTWare@arbitrage-trading.com to let us know of your interests and desires.

You may wish SmARTWare for your traders, sales staff, risk managers.

However, you may also wish to distribute SmARTWare to your clients, with your customised interface (logo's, branding, etc.), and even with real time links directly to your systems (over the internet directly to the smart phone/tablet).  This allows clients to value their positions directly on a professional basis, and also allows you to see if the client requires assistance/rebalancing etc  in real time (assuming your clients permit this).

The Table below shows the basic categories functions/packages and hierarchy of SmART  apps for tablets and smart phones as is currently envisaged.  Fully  customised applications are also available, please contact ARTWare@arbitrage-trading.com

SmART  apps/SmARTWare are Android based applications for market professionals, and packaged with the following objectives:

SmARTCalc Lite: provides basic bond, options valuation for small positions, with limited portfolio analysis.

SmARTCalc Pro: provide virtually all features for virtually any standard product/structure pricing, risk, structuring, sales, and analysis, as well facilities for real-time feeds, integration/synchronisation with your spreadsheets, and basic structure/position valuation as may arise in typical day to day trading.  Basic portfolio functionality is provided for dealing with "tickets", basic position reports, etc.  Basic curves management and other analytics are provided for the "more involved" instruments, such as IR derivatives (swaptions, etc).  A limited version of SmARTEx is provided, which permits some valuation and risk directly in the SmARTEx Excel compatible(*) spreadsheets. 

SmARTCalc Adv: provides everything SmARTCalc Pro  plus the full power ARTLib XL Lite/CalcPak Lite packages, both on your Android device and on your PC, with direct synchronisation and additional features.  The analytics provides additional trade idea generation features, and a more feature reach set of tools for assessing structures, positions, and portfolios.  Many additional calculators and analytics such as full curve generation/analysis, charting, etc.

SmARTPort: includes everything in SmARTCalc Adv and then delivers complete portfolio management with ticketing, many position reports, much scenario analysis (not just positions, but also testing impact of "potential" deals on positions, etc).  Additional "turbo-charging" as appropriate to large portfolios, and many "database" features for analysis and auditing.

SmARTEx: This is a proprietary Android based Excel equivalent.  ART's implementation of an Android spreadsheet avoids the horrendous "footprint" and "overhead" of direct Excel equivalents, and provide a wide range of spreadsheet and database functionality that is syntax equivalent to Excel's usage and so spreadsheets can be transferred to/synchronised with your PC without modification(*).  Of course ART's ARTLib addins are available directly in SmARTEx, just like with your PC, to provide seamless valuation and risk analytics for virtually any trading situation.










Current Status/Version

Beta (.97) Beta (.83) Beta (.81) Alpha(0)
Basic Bonds
Basic Options
(Simple) Portfolio
SmARTEx (Excel equivalent spreadsheet) Basic Full Full Full
Live Feeds  
Integrated multi-currency  

ARTLib XL Lite/CalcPak Lite pricing/risk library

  - included a wide range of functions and calculators, all standard securities, derivatives, exotics, curves, etc , see here for details, ARTLib XL Lite and CalcPak





Excel /spreadsheet cross integration/synchronisation   Basic Full Full
Deal/Structure Analysis   Basic Full Full
Trade Idea Generation/Analysis and Charting   Basic Full Full
Full Portfolio and related Analysis/Reporting     Basic Full

means subset of

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SmART apps appear on your Android device like any other app:  (click to enlarge)




They include a variety or explicit calculators, such as basic options pricing, including the usual Greeks, as well as shifting, scenarios, bucketing etc. (click image to the right to enlarge).  Implicit valuation/risk is also available with the SmARTEx and position/portfolio facilities (see below). 


There are various "real world" niceties and controls to allow, for example, price vs. yield based or price vs. implied vol based, and other such conveniences, with the input data coming from portfolio, mark to market, or real time feed sources (for higher versions).

Some versions permit immediate valuation of "structures" (c.f. single instruments), and higher versions permit immediate comparison of the instrument's/structure's value/risk to other structures or portfolios.

Of course, there are usual facilities, such file management, and various features to help manage/speed up the usage of the packages.


All packages come with some degree of portfolio management, which is provided in part by the SmARTEx machinery.  Higher packages include a wide range of in situ calculations (just put functions in the cells), which can include the entire ARTLib valuation, risk, and trade idea generation set of packages.  The higher packages include an increasing number of structure, position, and portfolio analytics to provide as little or as much portfolio analyses and position reports as desired.

There are many other sophisticated packages, such as ART's Pr/rO (complete entire holding period optimal strategy analyses based on risk-adjusted P&L, accounting for rebalances, liquidity, trans costs, etc.) that can be made available.

As always, if you don't see it, just ask for it ARTWare@arbitrage-trading.com .


Available at the ARTShop

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**Pr/rO  is also included as part of the ARTPr/rO advisory service.

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