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Welcome to the ART Lottery.  This is a free/no obligation lottery for "fun".  Every quarter (H, M, U, and Z), we will draw one name from the names of eligible contestants.  The prize will be your choice of any TG2 e-Book that is "in print".  If you already own all of the books, we will provide you with a suitable alternative choice.

Here are the rules:

Anybody with a "proper" email address in our email list is automatically entered.  A "proper" email address is a verifiable corporate email address (generic and non-verifiable email address are removed by our firewalls, filters, etc.).  The delivery of the prize will be to the "proper" email location.

If you interact with us for any reason during a quarter, we will enter your name twice.  This could be any interaction (AskAnExpert, ARTNews Sign-Up, any purchase such as at the ARTShop, etc.)

Due to various licensing, regulatory, and other reasons, we are not permitted to deliver products/services to certain countries.  If you win, and you are in one of those countries ... our sympathies are extended.

ART reserves all rights to any decisions, and ART's decisions are final.


.... Good Luck!

Winners (Jun/2014)

 Jun/2014 Winner: A staff member at a European bank.

Winners (Jan/2014)

 Jan/2014 Winner: A staff member at an Asian bank.

Winners (Sep/2013)

Sep/2013 Winner: A front office staff member at Commerzbank.

Winners (Sep/2012)

Sep/2012 Winner: A front office staff member at Smith-Barney

Winners (Jun/2012)

Jun/2012 Winner: A sales person at LBL.

Winners (Mar/2012)

Mar/2012 Winner: A structurer at Nomura UK

Winners (Dec/2011)

Dec/2011 Winner: A trader at BNY

Winners (Sep/2011)

Sep/2011 Winner: A trader at USB

Winners (Jun/2011)

Jun/2011 Winner: A trader at BNP Paribas

Winners (First draw Mar/2011)

Mar/2011 Winner: A trader at WGZ Bank in Germany



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