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ARTWare or "Anybody's-ware" Trading/Risk Support

"Trading&Risk" support is software support that goes beyond "normal software tech support".  The specifics of how to use the software or a function are handled by the usual "tech support".  This programme provides access to former heads of trading, heads of quant groups, heads of risk management, and the like to handle any issues in assisting you with your software (or anything else for that matter).

You will have assistance on any matter relating to trading, structuring, sales, risk management, or even administrative matters*, and how to best use and implement the tools at your disposal*. 

For example, you may already know how to use your software to price a bond, or an option, but you may wish to have a better understanding of what else to include in your analyses.  If you plan to trade bonds, then you may also wish to know how to determine price/risk of other instruments in relation to your bond, such bond futures, swaps, repo's.  You may also wish to benefit from clear understanding of how the Cheapest-to-Deliver calculations will affect your P&L and risk, with close attention to real world trading.

An options trader may know all about pricing and the "Greeks", but may wish to consider analysis that projects the risk-adjusted P&L of one or more trading/rebalancing strategies over an entire holding period.

You may know everything about your software, but may wish assistance with "due diligence" questions to ensure that your implementation reasonably reflects valuation and risk reporting requirements.

The head of trading may wish to better understand the entire desk's performance, and where and how the traders' methods could be used to improve other traders, or to see how efficiently the desk is trading (e.g. how much of the bid/offer spread is actually going into profits, and how much is wasted on inefficient rebalancing methods, etc).

This programme has always been available to ART clients, and is now available to everyone, whether you are an ARTWare client or not.  This programme aims to help you valuation/risk, and improving your business:  we don't care who's software you use, we just want to make sure your implementation is sound with clear attention to real world P&L and risk.


There are a few "promotional" slots available with discounts of up to 50%

Please contact us at support@arbitrage-trading.com to determine the best support plan for your budget, and P&L/risk objectives and mandate.


* The basic support plan does not provide "trade advisory" or any other advice that entails directly taking market risk.  For example, this programme does not provide advice of the type "now is the time to trade Bond B" or "sell stock A".

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