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"Ask an Expert" is a free service providing you access to our senior staff/traders, who each have at least 15 years of "in the trenches" experience as heads of trading, heads of quant groups and the like from well known investment banks/hedge funds.

This is not a blog.  Your questions are not placed "in the ether" in the hopes of someone/anyone providing some/any answer.   The responses are truly from experts.


This is a FREE service.  As a free service, there are some limitations to how much "free consulting" may be available.  Please gear your questions and expectations with this in mind.

Your question and the response may be chosen to be listed on this site.  

This service is intended for market professionals, not to solve MBA students' homework.

You must provide a "proper/corporate" email address.   Generic email addresses are blocked by filter/firewall.

Your email address will be added to the quarterly newsletter.

The responses are not be construed as market advise of any sort whatsoever, and while ART endeavors to ensure accuracy, it is your responsibility to apply an such due diligence as required by your mandate/regulators as appropriate.


Some of the response will cite our reference materials and tools, such as:

The "Trader's Guide To ... " series of books, by traders for traders, see here TG2Books.

ARTSchool Seminars for market professionals, see here ARTSchool.  

ARTWare software and analytics, see here ARTWare.


Please visit the  ARTShop for additional materials.

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