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A Trader's Guide to ... The Series

The A Trader's Guide to ... Series (TG2 Book Series) is the definitive reference set for market professional in trading, sales, structuring, and risk management.  The material covers everything from the basic required for a trainee trader, to the most complex exotic structuring and position keeping strategies, as well as the managerial issues required to manage an operation.  

The Series employs a unique style: All of the material is squarely P&L oriented with very great detail of real world effects and idiosyncrasies, and emphasis on outright as well risk-adjusted performance.  These books are not just another exercise in theory, nor are they a "this is a future, and this is an option" type books.  This Series covers a lot  of ground including:

Step-by-step details on how to trade, and includes the many reasons why real world P&L will not evolve as the theory predicts. 

Many illustrations and reasons why theoretical hedging and risk management will fail and how to adjust them for reality impact.  

How to sell and structure products in real managed operations.

Many aspects required to manage an operation covering operational risk, abuses, fraud, and motivational/compensation factors. 

 The books are written by senior market professional each with at least 15-years of "in-the-trenches" expertise in trading, selling, structuring, and risk management.  The image below provides a schematic of the Entire TG2 Series listing.

Current books in print:

A Trader's Guide To .. Read Me 1st: the core book with all the basics.  This book covers the basics of all the important concepts and issues that front office staff face day in/day out.  As with all of the TG2Books series, all matters are from the perspective of "running a business" with a strict P&L orientation.


A Trader's Guide To Quantitative Methods: Basic Maths & Stats.  Comprehensive reference covering almost every mathematical methods/concept required for most matters on a trading floor, from the perspective of traders, and front office staff (rather than "quants").


A Trader's Guide To Quantitative Methods: Monte Carlo Methods. Easily understandable explanation of building MC valuation/Risk with example for vanilla options, exotic options, term-structure models, plus illustration of "P&L based position/trading strategy simulation.


A Trader's Guide To Bonds, Swaps, and IR Instrument: Volume 1 - Products, Pricing Structuring.  This volume covers all the essential for IR securities and (non-contingent) derivatives.


The books follow the "trading cycle" (for prop trading, investing, and market making): 

Trade idea generation

Structuring and sales

Valuation, position keeping, and risk management

Position/Portfolio/P&L audit & business management

The majority of the books relate directly to the usual asset classes (as shown in the "grey regions").  Those books are further divided between "product" oriented books (pricing, selling, structuring, risk measurement), and "trading" books (many step-by-step examples of the realities of position keeping once a trade is "strapped on", and many example of why and how trades are rebalance to anticipate or to react to real market conditions). 

The books are accompanied by supporting "educational" software, and there is also a wide range of commercial software, research, and support materials.

Corporate Editions: ART also produces specialized one-off books and monographs for customized client applications whether it be for internal training purposes, to assist with marketing efforts, or with any other circumstance. 

The TG2 Books Series closely parallels the standard ARTSchool Seminars, and copies of TG2 Books are included with the seminars as appropriate,  or they may purchased separately (see the ARTShop, or contact ARTSchool@arbitrage-trading.com).

Available at the ARTShop

(printed in colour & includes software)


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Are you a training officer for your firm, or an instructor at an educational institution?  Then you may also wish to consider the ARTSchool Developer's Kit: it comes with thousands of PowerPoint (r) slides in an easy to use searchable database format.  The slides are closely tide to the TG2 Books, and the package will permit presenters to prepare lectures with minimal time and cost.




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