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Advanced Copies of the A Trader's Guide to ...Series

ART sets aside a number of advanced copies of the books as they become available for those who have special requirements, and especially for those who:

1) Need many copies of the books, and

2) Need them in advance due to time constraints, such as:

a) You are the "training officer" at an investment bank or hedge fund and need a copy in short order assess its merits for the upcoming training cycle.

b) You are an educator at a University or similar and need to asses the merits of a books for its use in your curriculum.

c) You are the head of marketing and already have a deadline for raising the profile of your firm with your clients, and may wish to include such books as part of your marketing campaign.

d) You are the librarian for a large multinational operation and wish to consider the merits of a book for inclusion in the various global in-house libraries, and you would like to do so within this year's fiscal deadline.

... etc

Note: this is not a mechanism just for some free copies.  If you require legitimate inspection copies, do not use this form.  Instead, write to us explaining how your institution plans to use the various titles, and we will consider the merits of your application ( TG2Books@Arbitrage-Trading.com ).

If you need an advanced copy, you may also be interested in the ARTSchool Developer's Kit.

Advanced Copy Request Form

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