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A Trader's Guide To ... The Series:

Read Me 1st (please) PART I and PART II

Accompanying Software Release Notes

PART I and PART II Available at the ARTShop

(798 colour pages, soft cover, +software)


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The TG2RM1st P1&PII book has accompanying software downloadable by registered owners.  This page provides access to the Release Notes.

Table of Contents

1	Package Contents and Basic Requirements
1.1	Agreement
1.2	TG2Functions, Add-ins, Macros, and Requirements
2	The Workbooks
2.1	Chap 7 - Calendar Basis
2.2	Chap 9 - Simple Bond Hedge
2.3	Chap 9  Black-Scholes Value & Sensitivity
2.4	Chap 9 - HVaR1
2.5	Chap 9 - HVaR2
2.6	Chap 9 - HVaR3
2.7	Chap 9 - CVaR3
2.8	Chap 9 - 12 Simple Options Portfolio Scenario Analysis (yes, a portfolio valuation and risk package)
3	VBA Source Code (custom functions)
3.1	Function TG2BlackScholes
3.2	Function TG2BlackScholesResNames
3.3	Function TG2FCumNorm


The PDF Release Notes (this is also included in the software dload zip file)

Click  on the link below to view the user's guide  (in PDF format) for the accompanying software.

Accompanying Software Release Notes (PDF, 800k)


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