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A Trader's Guide To ... The Series:

Read Me 1st (please) PART I and PART II

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(798 colour pages, +software)

Introduction to the "TG2 Read Me 1st" book

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The primary goal is the management of profit and risk in the real world where forecasting and position keeping are the key ingredients of the trading/investment operation.  This book is the "core" Volume in the "Trader's Guide to ... Series" of books.  It is intended to provide the foundation and introduction of concepts, definition, and "reality impact" for market professionals/newcomers to trading, for all of the books in the Series. 

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Its the book you wish you had when you were just starting your career on the trading floor.

Its the book that provides a comprehensive real world P&L based foundation.

Its the first book in the Series that really is a "manual" for real world trading.

Think of this book as "two books": PART I and PART II.

PART I: this is the Market Basics components of this book (Chapters 2 through 5) reviewing the business, strategies, culture, and other big picture aspects of trading and management of trading.  

PART I is available as a stand alone volume hereRemember, if you are already a registered owner of a TG2 RM 1st PART I Only edition , then you are entitled to a discount** off of the purchase price of the full TG2 RM 1st PART I and PART II edition.

PART II:  consists of Chapters 6 through 12 highlighting key components of valuations, risk measurement, and position keeping/risk management and providing the first level of quantitative tools and machinery.

Much of the professional trader's function these days involves dynamic position keeping (especially for portfolios and products with non-linear position values and business involving complex products or modern arbitrage). For this reason, there is, in addition to broad coverage of methods, special emphasis on trading with dynamic strategies and synthetic replication.

Practical solution of problems requires matching the right tools with your "needs" . Here, "needs" is the quantification of derivatives and securities valuation, and risk assessment, with the primary goal of maximising risk-adjusted returns. The tools are mathematics, finance, and economics, with the single biggest issue being that of tools to assess "humans ". This means some reliance on psychology, but much more reliance on experience with the idiosyncrasies of each specific market.

To provide such tools, the technical Sections of this book are only a cursory introduction to important methods. However, the Chapters in this book are "supported" by the books in this Series, each of which provides much greater detail.

The tools for dealing with "human nature" are bit trickier. There is a strong effort through this book, and the Series, to include details of these idiosyncrasies. Often, the expressions "real world" or "reality impact" are used to refer to such idiosyncrasies.

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Available at the ARTShop

(798 colour pages, +software)


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