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TG2 Registration (for purchased products/services)

You must be a registered owner of TG2 products to receive accompanying software, discounts, and other materials.  Also, please keep in mind that the TG2 Series is "prerequisite serial" (see flow chart here).  The "system" will assume you have not purchased any prerequisites unless you have valid registration (and may try to charge you again etc).  If you have any questions or comments please write to  TG2Books@arbitrage-trading.com.

Please note, as this information links you to "legal" ownership of the product, and any benefits to free, support, or discount priced materials.  All fields with a * are required, please be sure to be accurate.

We respect your privacy and your contact information will be used only for internal ART  requirements (see privacy policy here).

Owner Name (who paid for the product).  Only required if "owner" is NOT the "user" (e.g. institutional, or group purchases)

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 Alias Name (who uses the product)*

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Company  * "Level" *
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Conditions for downloading/using ART materials:

1) ART makes no warranties whatsoever in connection with the accuracy or reliability of the materials or your ability to use them correctly and safely - it is your responsibility to do so.

2) These materials are intended to be used for educational purposes only.  You may not use these materials for any commercial purpose whatsoever, unless otherwise agreed in writing and in advance with ART.

3) ART requires, and you agree,  that you make no attempt to reverse engineer or otherwise "dig" into the materials beyond the level presented, make no attempt to alter the material in way except as obviously intended, and do not use the materials in any harmful or malicious manner

4) ART DOES NOT permit redistribution of the materials.  If you would like your colleagues, clients, mates, etc to have copies, then either you must make written arrangements with ART in advance (see below), or they must purchase their own materials.

5) Usage of these materials require that you acknowledge, or otherwise clearly reference or provide citations for the source of these materials as being ART products as per the citations and branding within the materials.

6) You are the "rightful owner of the registration" (either you have paid for the product, or your company/benefactor has assigned ownership to you). The registration is ultimately "owned" by the "payer".  Any change or assignment of "ownership" must be made in writing to ART.

7) Some materials available to registered owners are provided as a "courtesy".  There materials are ONLY for the registered owner.  ART reserves the right to revoke privileges or take other such action as ART sees appropriate in case of abuses or breaches.

8) If you would like to operate outside of the terms of this Agreement, write to TG2Books@arbitrage-trading.com describing your requirements (e.g. you need source code, or you wish to distribute certain materials, etc).  ART will consider such requests on a case by case basis, and especially when special circumstances apply.  Please be sure to obtain written authorisation in advance.

9) You have performed due diligence and are satisfied that there will be no reason to return or ask for refund, and that once the software and related materials are downloaded there can be no return/refund requested.

10) Electronic documents are generally read-only install once products and may not be used in any other manner unless otherwise agreed in advance.  The fees are non-refundable for e-documents once the license has been issued.  e-documents many not be reverse engineered, altered, distributed in any manner whatsoever unless agreed explicitly in writing and in advance.

11) On-line purchases may have additional terms & conditions that applied at the time of purchase, and where there is a difference, the current terms apply (see also here), and e-Book purchase have FAQs/Requirements here.

If you agree please type "I AGREE" (all capitals) into the following field:  *

  ... Please PRINT a copy of this page for your records.

Should you require more sophisticated or commercial versions of these or other materials, please contact ART at customer@arbitrage-trading.com



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