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The Trader's Guide to ... Series (TG2 Series) is the definitive reference set for market professional in trading, sales, structuring, and risk management.  Still,  we wish to hear from you.  Please let us know what you liked (or disliked) about any part of the TG2 Series or software.  We may post reviews from time to time, so please let us know if we may use your review on the ARTWeb.

   Here are just a few of the comments we have received from owners of TG2Books:

"I must say Iím impressed. Itís completely different from what Iíve read to this day.  Itís filled with pretty good insights and itís very easy to follow. I just canít wait to get to the other one"

      ... Risk Manager for a large European Retailer

"The book is excellent and is a pretty easy read. I like its style. ..."

      ... Head of Treasury/Trading at a large multi-national conglomerate

"I wish I had this when I started trading"

      ... Head of a small hedge fund

"Its about time there was a book like this"

      ... Head of a structuring desk at a large investment bank

"Way more practical than anything else I have seen ...  I'm enjoying it quite a lot"

      ... Head of trading/risk management software/consulting group

"The material is really unique. One really feels that the authors have lived the material and have been down in the 'trenches' - excellent and one-of-a-kind!
... Head of Prop Trading for a global trading house"


   Download a small "Reviewer's Spreadsheet (xls)" (see results below)

   Please email your reviews, thoughts, questions, comments to TG2Books@Arbitrage-Trading.com .


The Table below provides a "histogram" of the responses in the "Reviewer's Spreadsheet" for the TG2 Read Me First Part I and Part II book

TG2_ReviewSpreadSheet.gif (16602 bytes) 

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TG2_ReviewChart.gif (31973 bytes)

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