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TG2Books: e-Books Terms&Conditions

The e-Books are "secure" Adobe® PDF documents (typically, electronic copies of TG2Books, ARTSchool Seminars, and other materials).

They rely on an "authentication server".  Your license "connects" to the server to confirm authorisation to open/read, print, or do whatever the permissions of your license allow.  This means:

System requirements and FAQ's are HERE

You must have an internet connection, possibly continuous or periodic depending your license type.

The license is general restricted to permit installation of the documents only as many times as your license permits (e.g. a single purchase has a default installation permission for one installation).

The installed license/secure document is (usually) "tied" to the pc/laptop on which it is installed, but with "roaming" capability to permit several "non-simultaneous" uses/instances.

The "default" license is for "read-only" application, but other types of licensing/permissions may be possible by special arrangement (e.g. printing, editing, customisation, etc).

The permissions can be updated/managed remotely from our server.  This provides a convenient and easy mechanism for managing/upgrading license permissions, even after licenses are installed.

"Up-grade" and "swap" information for changing to/including hardcopy is available HERE.

Other terms and conditions (such as the TG2Registration terms, and online shopping terms, etc) continue to apply.

For More information, please contact TG2Books@arbitrage-trading.com

About the books

The books are written by senior market professional each with at least 15-years of "in-the-trenches" expertise in trading, selling, structuring, and risk management.  The images on the TG2 Books Series page provides a schematic of the Entire TG2 Series listing.

The books are accompanied by supporting "educational" software, and there is also a wide range of commercial software, research, and support materials.

Corporate Editions: ART also produces specialized one-off books and monographs for customized client applications whether it be for internal training purposes, to assist with marketing efforts, or with any other circumstance. 

The TG2 Books Series closely parallels the standard ARTSchool Seminar titles, and copies of TG2 Books are included with the seminars as appropriate,  or they may purchased separately (see the ARTShop, or contact ARTSchool@arbitrage-trading.com).

Available at the ARTShop

(in colour & includes software)


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Are you a training officer for your firm, or an instructor at an educational institution?  Then you may also wish to consider the ARTSchool Developer's Kit: it comes with thousands of PowerPoint (r) slides in an easy to use searchable database format.  The slides are closely tide to the TG2 Books, and the package will permit presenters to prepare lectures with minimal time and cost.




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