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ARTSchool Testimonials

The seminars produced by ART have enjoyed excellent success.  Typically, our speakers and seminars are rated at 3.6 out of 4.0 by the delegates, who particularly emphasise our ability to present complex topics in a direct manner and in a manner related to real world P&L.  Generally all of our delegates are market professionals in trading structuring and sales with average experience near 4 years in the business, including some heads of trading/sales/structuring as well.  There are a very large number of positive response from candidates, and we have selected a few representatives ones here:

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LBK: A Trader's Guide to Interest Rate Exotic Options - a custom in-house seminar

"ART's seminar on trading IR exotic options  was a very practical and real trading/risk oriented presentation, and provided a very clear account of the right amount of theory and plenty of actual day-to-day on the desk reality that is only obtained via years of trading  - excellent" 

J-M Lamay, VP Derivatives Trading, NordBank (LandesBank -KIEL).


A Trader's Guide to Exotic Options

"I feel very much more comfortable with the structure of pricing exotic options."

"Given me more confidence in my opinion of exotics"

"O. Bajor has done very well, I enjoyed the course"

"Very interesting, Dr. Oliver Bajor is a very good speaker, well organised.  I loved the way he explained stuff"


A Trader's Guide to Convertible Bonds (Trading)

"Well structured, based on a deep understanding of the structure, clearly articulated and delivered with an enthusiasm rarely experienced."

R. Clough, Partner and Head of CBs, Cazenove & Co.

"I thought Oliver was an excellent instructor.  I very much appreciated his willingness to teach extra topics in more detail after class.  He also had a good mix of theory vs. practice. ..."

"Very high level of knowledge as well as presentation skills"

"Excellent, very good"

"O. Bajor is an intelligent and entertaining presenter of some complex subjects"

"Dr. O. Bajor easily kept my attention, made discussions realistic and interesting and gave useful background.  I would be interested in a CB course covering the next stage."

"Oliver has a lot of knowledge an he is able to explain complicated aspects in a very clear way."


A Trader's Guide to Monte Carlo Methods

"Oliver has an optimal combination of both theory and practical experience (one of these is often missing)"

"It is directly in line with what I will have to do in implementing a Monte Carlo.   I knew nearly nothing about it and I have learned a lot."

"At last a course that matched the brochure both in content and level"


A Trader's Guide to Quantitative Methods

"He knows his subject and stays enthusiastic all of the time"


Interest Rate Risk Management

"All speakers delivered their respective lectures in imaginative and clear manner. Complex issues were translated into simple language by all three speakers, to reach the various level of experience and knowledge of the course candidates"

Dilip Bhatt, Manager, Derivative Operations, Daiwa Europe Bank  

"Excellent and vivid performance and many practical examples"

Pavel Oech, Primary Markets, Ceskoslovenska Obchodni Banka


A Practical Applications of Equity Derivatives

“The programme on this course delivers just the right balance between theory and practice and I found the pricing models to be particularly useful”

Laurence Marshall, Executive Director, UBS



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