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ARTBooks are a series of books and monographs produced for market professionals by our staff of traders and market professionals.  The books all put " P&L first"  in a down-to-earth approach accompanied by the extensive and the often idiosyncratic details of real world trading, investing, and risk management.  The TG2Books are intended for market professional in trading, sales, structuring, and risk management.  The "core" books are also essential materials for those just starting their careers in markets, while the "specialized" books have material that even the most seasoned market professionals will appreciate. 

ARTicles Monographs are produced for a wide audience, including layman and journalists.

ARTBooks includes the A Trader's Guide to ... Series (TG2), and other stand alone and complementary materials.  

Corporate Editions: ART also produces specialized one-off books and monographs for customized client applications whether it be for internal training purposes, to assist with marketing efforts, or with any other circumstance. 

ARTBooks are available at the ARTShop  

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