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ART's senior staff has decades of investment banking, trading, risk management experience.  We have learned our craft in the trenches, and we know that P&L is the only thing that matters at the end of the day.  Heck we will even use our PhD's if necessary to help you make/save money.  

Our consulting services cover the entire spectrum of the trading/risk process including: 

Trade idea generation
Quantitative arbitrage, and
Valuation of simple or as complex as you like securities and derivatives
Position keeping and portfolio risk management
Operational aspects such as enterprise wide risk management
Regulatory audit and due diligence assessment
VaR modelling and assessment


ARBLab - the Arbitrage Laboratory, providing real world analysis of holding period P&L and risk for optimal trading strategies in market making, prop trading, structuring, and risk management.


In any or all of these areas we have a vast amount of experience in real world applications, and also in implementation:

Custom and bespoke quantitative solutions to computing and quantitative problems, and since we have probably built most such programs for our own trading and analyses, there is no need to reinvent the wheel (saving you time and money)


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