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The "Trader's Guide to" scheduled series of seminars is squarely aimed at market professionals in investment banking, hedge funds, prop trading who are interested in improving P&L by obtaining tools/knowledge for bigger "P" and smaller "L".  

Traders, sales staff,  quants, support staff and even senior management will appreciate that all topics are tied into risk-adjusted considerations presented in straight forward market language (for even the most complex topics) to be used in real world situations.  And as the titles indicates, the details are stringent enough for even a trading floor.

Please click on the topic of your interest from the table below, or let us of topics of interest to you. 

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The current ... "public" series includes the following topics, but please indicate any other topics you may have an interest in (or please ask about our "in-house" seminars):

These pages are updated from time-to-time, so please check back periodically

Trader's Guide to Series ....


... Trade Idea Generation 3 700  
... Financial Engineering 3 810  
... Structured Finance (Cases) 2 700  
... IR Markets 3 870  
... Financial Markets 2 820  
Methods and Analyses  
  ... Monte Carlo Methods 3 450  
... Quantitative Methods (Donít Panic) 3* 900  
... Financial Maths 2 650  
... Term Structure Methods 3 540  
... PDE Methods 3 820
Products and Instruments  
... Exotic Options


... Convertible Bonds (sales)


... Convertible Bonds (trading)


... Equity Derivatives 3 710  
... IR Derivatives 3 812  
... Credit Derivatives 3 830  
... Derivative Products 3 830  
... Commodity Derivatives 3 902  
... Options Trading 3 850  
... How to Trade (really) 3 740
... Portfolio risk/return Optimisation 3+1** 1100  
... Trading/Strategy P&L Simulation 3 1233  
... Arbitrage Trading 3 930  
Funds Management  
FMG2 Investing and Trading 3 810  

* The 1-Day Quickies: Stats and Maths is a prerequisite, or equivalent for this programme,  please ask us to schedule an optional first day Stats and Maths Quickie if the regularly scheduled Quickies are inconvenient, and you feel that you need the Quickie.

** Optional first day for candidates requiring additional "product" knowledge


We view the trading process as control loop that can be represented as the schematic to the right.  Some of the topics we offer cover the "generation" phase, some the "product" phase, and others the "position keeping" and "audit" phase.

Please let us know if there are specific requirements for your operation that are not explicitly covered here.

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