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ART offers three core services for market professionals that aim to support all investing, trading, and risk management risk/return optimisation in all manners that do not directly involve taking market risk.   

ARTSchool is ART's seminar service in securities and derivatives trading, investing, and risk management presented by ART's senior staff.  These seminars focus on real world and P&L oriented approaches to conveying ART's years of market experience.  Please surf the ARTSchool pages as well as the Testimonials and Biographies pages.


Consulting Services are targeted to provide extreme value in the application of our staff's extensive years of market experience in trading, investing, and risk management to specific and general needs faced by your organisation.


ARTPr/rO combines real-time and on-demand support for valuation, structuring, position and portfolio management with Pr/rO, possibly the most advanced holding period risk/return optimisation software around.


Please note that our affiliates and parent company also offer "direct market" services by way of hedge funds, market advisory, and related resources.  For more information please contact info@arbman.com


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